VRF SMMSe Top Blow

Cooling Capacity from 8 HP to 60 HP

New heat exchanger
New heat exchanger of SMMS-e increases from 2 to 3 rows, providing even more surface area of the total pipe up to 13%.

Variable heat exchanger
New system controls allows the outdoor unit to select the most efficient heat exchanger size, which matches the capacity load in order to provide higher energy savings.

Total piping length
Applied with Toshiba’s unique and greatly improved technology, SMMS-e
can reach up to 1,000 meters maximum piping length.

VRF MINI SMMSe Side Discharge

Cooling Capacity from 4 HP to 12 HP

Offer best in class energy savings, installation flexibility and quite operation, plus with 13 indoors to choose from, the side discharge VRF makes a perfect solution for showroons dan office buildings