Daikin AC Cassette SkyAir 4 PK (Wired) – FCNQ36MV (WR)

admin@acwahana on January 19, 2021

Daikin AC Cassette SkyAir 4 PK (Wired) – FCNQ36MV (WR)

Rp 28,260,000

Cassette air conditioner with 360° uniform airflow sets the standard.

  • Avoids uneven temperature and discomfort caused by drafts
  • Comfort enhanced by Round Flow
  • Adapts easily to the installation space
  • Compact body and quiet operation
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easier to maintain
  • Panel size is same for all models: makes it easy to maintain a neat appearance when multiple, units are installed.

Navigation Remote with Simple Operation, Weekly Schedule Timer
Simple, modern designed with fresh white color matches your interior design.
Easy to use and smoother operation by following the indications

Anti-Corrosion Treatment for Outdoor Unit Heat Exchanger
To achieve increased durability by improved resistance to salt corrosion and atmospheric pollution, coated PE fins (with special acryl pretreatment) are used for the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit.

Quiet Operation
Depending on types of indoor units, sound level can range from
32 dB(A) to 45 dB(A). Outdoor unit operation sound is from
48 dB(A) to 58 dB(A).
This data is based on “Examples of Sound Levels”, Ministry of the Environment, Japan, November 12, 2002.

Easy Installation and Maintenance
Pre charged for up to 15 m (Applies to RNQ30-48M)
4-direction piping offers greater layout freedom (Applies to RNQ30-48M).



Kapasitas pendingin 36.000 Btu/h
Konsumsi Listrik 3310 W
COP 3.20 W/W
Dimensions Indoor + Outdoor (H x W x D) 298 x 840 x 840 mm +  1345 x 900 x 320 mm
Sound Level Indoor + Outdoor (H/L) 43/32 dB(A) + 54 dB(A)
Piping Connections Ø 15,9 (gas) +  Ø 9,5  (cair)
Garansi indoor + Outdoor Garansi Compressor 3 Tahun + Komponen lainnya 1 Tahun
Type Daikin AC Cassette SkyAir 4 PK (Wired) – FCNQ36MV (WR)